Fremont Center for the Arts

Christmas Show

The Fremont Center for the Arts is hosting a Christmas Show this year!

You can see below images of the pieces that will be on display at the show.  Please go and see them in person!

Hover over each image for price and size.

The artwork pieces on our Gallery page, Functional Art page and New Items page are all for sale, so check out those pages as well!

We also have Wine Bottle Cheese Trays!  

Classes - we are putting together a Virtual Ornaments Class!!  Click here for more information.

All of our pieces are 100% glass, so whenever possible we would like to arrange personal delivery.  When that is not possible, we are happy to ship to you.  Since each piece requires us to pack them safely in a box, then pack that box in another box! we will be charging shipping, but we do not charge for packing or handling.

To go to the Commonwheel Virtual Festival page, click here.  To go to the Commonwheel Artists Festival Facebook page, click here.

Have fun with the Commonwheel Virtual Festival Contests! - click here  

Tiki Ron.jpg
Vanilla, Blue and Green Bowl.jpg
Vanilla and Gold Egg Tray.jpg
Large Turquoise Rings Platter.jpg
Stegosaurus Stand Up (1).jpg
Scrappy Cat Ruffle Plate.jpg
Multi Brown Horse Stand Up.jpg
Jay the Cat Dish.jpg
Tiki Sam.jpg
Multi Color Origami Platter.jpg
Turquoise Cat Stand Up.jpg
Woodland Brown Woven Platter.jpg
Stegosaurus Platter.jpg
Tiki Betty.jpg
Tiki Jon.jpg
Blue and Red Cascade Platter.jpg
Flamingo Ruffle Plate.jpg
Colorado Flag Hanging.jpg
Green Origami Platter.jpg
Mountain Scene Hanging.jpg
Mosaic Oval Platter.jpg
Blue Circle Bowl.jpg
Green Sugar Skull.jpg
Mosaic Bowl.jpg
Pattern Bar Tray.jpg
Fish Glass and Ceramic
Butterfly Glass and Ceramic
Frog Glass and Ceramic
Yellow Gecko Glass and Ceramic
Black Gecko Glass and Ceramic
Green and White Wall Hanging
Black and White Wall Hanging
Red and Pink Wall Hanging
Lavender and Red Wall Hanging
Blue and White Wall Hanging
Quilt Pattern Tray
Tortie Cat
Brown Pressed Glass Plate 2.jpg
Blue Pressed Glass Plate.jpg
Color Progression.jpg
Delta Cat.jpg
Green Pressed Glass Plate 2.jpg
Chip and Dip with Ruffle Bowl.jpg
Wedge Series #10.jpg

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Turquoise Cat Stand Up $34.00  7" wide by 4.5" tall