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Fused Art Glass Classes are so awesome! We get a group together - as small as four and as large as ten - and have so much fun learning about the properties of glass and creating projects. Everybody has their own unique style and imagination and creativity. These classes are for everyone - even those that feel "artistically challenged" have a wonderful time and produce the most amazing glass pieces! Classes are scheduled when the minimum number of students per class has contacted us. We try to coordinate with the participants' schedules. Classes are generally held on Saturdays.​

The Beginning Fused Glass Class starts at 9:30 and ends at 5:00 - well, we run over a little bit sometimes, we get so involved in creating glass pieces! We provide all the tools and materials.  See descriptions of each class below the schedule section.

If you would like to sign up for a class, please send me an email at  

Spring 2023 Schedule

Beginning Fused Glass Class - $150 

Saturday, January 14th

Saturday, February 18th

Saturday, March 11th

Saturday, April 22nd

Saturday, May 13th

Glass Weaving - Prerequisite:  basic glass cutting skills and kilnforming experience.


Saturday, February 11th and Saturday, February 25th

Making Flowers! -  Prerequisite:  basic glass cutting skills and kilnforming experience.


Saturday, Mar 4th and Saturday, Mar 18th

Pattern Bars -  Prerequisite:  basic glass cutting skills and kilnforming experience.  


Saturday, May 6th from 10:00 - 12:00

Saturday, May 20th from 10:00 - 2:00

Saturday, May 27th from 10:00 - 2:00

Special Projects -  Prerequisite:  basic glass cutting skills and kilnforming experience. 


Last Saturday of each month, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Class Registration - Please complete the registration form and email to  We will contact you with additional information and send you an invoice you can pay online.  Thank you!

We can accommodate any level of COVID-19 precautions that you require including fully masked and vaccinated classes for high-risk and/or immuno-compromised participants. Just let us know your requirements in advance.


We love providing customized Group Classes! We have held classes for wedding anniversaries, family reunions, birthdays and other special occasions. Contact us to set one up.

Fused Art Glass Class 

For students who want to learn the basics of art glass fusing. Starting with an introduction to glass characteristics, we will teach all facets of the basic process of glass fusing from learning to cut glass, use design elements, assembling art glass projects, and fusing. You will learn how to use hand tools, grinders, lap wheels, and ring saws. Students will make four to five projects, usually five. Students start out with small projects, such as pendants, fridge magnets, buttons (yes, buttons!), or bracelets to learn about glass cutting, colors, and design. Then we move into larger 5"x 5" or more pieces. We have about ten different projects you can choose from.


$150 per person

Minimum of four people


Learn More Fused Art Glass Class 

Once you have basic fused art glass knowledge, learn more! In this class, you will learn firing methods for different results, what you can really accomplish with slumping and draping, how to load the kiln, coldworking, and how to use “reactive” glass in your designs. You will learn different uses of frits, powders, stringers, iridescent glass, dichroic glass, dots, and mille fiori. 


$150 per person

Minimum of four people.

It’s Your Project Class

Students with a basic knowledge of glass fusing techniques must have completed a beginning class or have fused art glass experience. Students will complete one large project of their choice. Projects are expected to be complex and usually larger than 10" in at least one direction, at your option. Charles and Sara provide individual attention to each project. 


$150 per person, materials, and tools included.  Frames for art projects are not included in the price.  Large or specialty pieces of dichroic glass at an additional charge will be available. 


This class is designed for a minimum of two students and a maximum of four students


Pattern Bars Class

Pattern bars are methods of creating your own unique glass.  Students will learn the techniques of creating each type of glass and how to load the kiln.  Then, students will learn how to transform the glass they have created into a beautiful tabletop or framed art piece. This class requires one tw0-hour Saturday class and two four-hour Saturday classes.


The cost is $225, and all materials and tools are included. 


All materials and tools are included. Four students minimum required.

Circles Class

This class is devoted to learning to cut circles and rings. Circles can be used as the base for an art piece in a frame or tabletop pieces such as egg trays, plates, platters, and bowls. Rings are used as design elements in any project. Circle cutting is an advanced technique. This is a one-day eight-hour class. All materials and tools are provided; frames must

The class is $200

Four students minimum required.​


Weaving Glass Class

Woven glass is a unique technique that results in glass that is truly interwoven. This technique can be used as an open weave in an art piece or can be tack-fused or full-fused to a base for a solid tabletop piece. The woven glass can be in multiple colors and any shape or size. The resulting piece is really special! This class requires two four-hour classes, both on a Saturday. Students will learn how to load the kiln for a woven project. 


The class is $200.

Four students minimum required.


This class can be combined with the Flowers, Pattern Bars, or Pot Melts class for two full-day classes.

Flower Class

Learn to make beautiful glass flowers! This is a two half-day class held a week apart on Saturdays. The flowers you can make are amazing - lilies, daisies, iris, cherry blossom, petunia, daffodil, water lily, sunflower, hibiscus, rose, poppy - anything you can imagine and in whatever colors you can imagine!  Fused Glass Flowers book included, all materials and tools included (includes copper stems and hardware for assembling flowers). 


The class is $200. 

Four students minimum required


Christmas Ornaments Class

Yes, we have a special Christmas ornaments class. You will make ornaments from fused glass and cast glass. Bells, angels, gingerbread folks, trees, snowpeople – you imagine the ornament, and you can make it in this class. You will end up with several ornaments! This is an eight-hour one-day Saturday class. 


The cost is $175 per person, all materials and tools included. Lots of bling in this class!