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The trays are great for serving cheese, and can even be put into the freezer to keep the cheese cool. They may also be used for all sorts of appetizers, spoon rests, and even wall decorations.


The trays with more curved sides are perfect for salsa or other dipping sauces.


These trays are made from recycled glass wine bottles. Each bottle melts differently during the firing process and produces a completely unique shape and look. The decals we add to the bottles are embedded into the glass during the firing process.


If you have a special wine bottle you would like made into a tray please contact us to discuss getting it made to order. 


If you are local and want to bring us 5 empty bottles, we will give you one wime bottle tray for free! Contact us for details.


Designs are available in green, blue or clear.  There is color variation in the glass.


All of our items are custom made primarily from glass. Glass is fragile and must be handled carefully. Glass must be handled safely to avoid cuts or other injury from glass.

Wine Bottle Serving Tray with Grape Deco

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