Wine Bottle Cheese Trays

Wine Bottle Cheese Trays are actual, real bottles! We use wine bottles, liquor bottles, vinegar bottles, syrup bottles, olive oil bottles - even pop bottles.  We melt Coke, Sprite and tons of other brands of pop bottles.  How do we find these bottles?  Well, no, we don't really drink all this wine!  We find bottles in attics, flea markets, barns and Food and Wine Festivals.  Okay, yes, we drink some of it - and our friends drink some too!

Wine Bottle Cheese Trays can be used as serving dishes for anything from cheese to crackers to bar-b-que.  Each wine bottle cheese tray is made with a hook for hanging as a decoration, and includes a cheese knife.  

We also have curved bottles that can used for serving appetizers such as olives and pickled vegetables, salsa or dip.  These appetizer bottles include a small spoon or fork.

Wine bottle cheese trays are $20.00, plus sales tax and shipping.  Belvedere bottles are $24, plus sales tax and shipping.

If you are interested in purchasing one, or would like to know what other bottles we have in stock, please call Charles at 512-626-3619.  

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